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Bridges Community Day High School

Bridges Community Day High School was developed in response to address a student's individual needs.  There has been a need in the district to establish a program that could provide interventions for emotionally disturbed students who otherwise would enter a Residential Treatment Center.  The Bridges Community Day High School programs are to be considered for students when all other interventions in the district have been considered/implemented.   
Bridges Community Day High School is located at
31522 El Camino Real, San Juan Capistrano, CA. 92675
 just north of San Juan Elementary School
across from the Mission
and just south of the ROP facilities.
Bridges is a school designed to meet a variety of students needs. There are 2 classrooms at Bridges to help meet such needs. These classrooms help special education students who might otherwise require RTC placement as a result of emotional disturbance. Any consideration of this program should begin by communicating with the Program Specialist that is assigned to the students High School.  It is a small program designed for a maximum of 5-8 students per classroom. Acceptance of a student is dependent upon safety and compatibility considerations as well as the appropriateness of the emotional condition of the student.
Bridges High School is a registered high school under the state’s Community Day School program.  This program requires that students are in attendance in the school 360 minutes per day.   Many of the students receive Community Mental Health Counseling.
IEP documentation must be completed prior to a student’s placement in Bridges School. The referring school is responsible for holding the change of placement IEP.
If you have questions please call Clint Collins at (949) 234-5302.